Renaissance Program Workbook


The RENAISSANCE Program is a 10-12 week therapeutic domestic violence program that takes a holistic approach towards helping women develop themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to help them develop their self-esteem, uncover their hidden potential, talents, skills and help them transition to a road of self-sufficiency and self-respect.

The workbook RENAISSANCE Program: Empowering Abused Women One Step at a Time can be used as an independent study in addition to therapy. I use this workbook with clients who are domestic violence victims or those clients who suffer from low self-esteem, lack of confidence in their abilities and/or want to learn more about themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. This workbook is available for purchase online and in the office for 15.00.

Testimonial by a colleague:

"Another patient, who had been dealing with low self-esteem for years, told me that the program is part of the reason why she is employed today.A For years, her now ex-husband treated her like a “bag of trash”, and she did not feel that she had what it took to find a job. After she got out of the abusive relationship, she decided to take care of her mental health. We used the Renaissance Program during our sessions, and the chapters that impacted her life the most were about employment (Day 6 (pages 69-95) and Day 7 (pages 97-112). These chapters of the Program teach about jobs skills, resume building, job search, and interview skills. She was able to learn about her strengths, and how to use them to her advantage when looking for a job.  She learned which careers were suitable for her according  to her skills. She also learned how to write a resume, how to get ready for an interview, and others good tips after for after the interview. She put into practice everything that she learned in the Renaissance Program. She was able to get a job, and feels accomplished about herself."

Yanina M. Marti, MS.,LSW (Licensed Social Worker

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