Empowering Abused Woman One Step At A Time


A 10-12 week therapeutic domestic violence modality that takes a holistic approach towards helping women develop themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to help them develop their  self-esteem, uncover their hidden potential, talents, skills and help them transition to a road of self-sufficiency and self-respect.

The accompanying workbook titled Renaissance Program: Empowering Abused Women One Step at a Time is used in session and can be purchased on this site or in the office. While it is not a necessary purchase in order to participate in this program, it is nice to have to remember what you have learned about yourself in each of the exercises throughout the workbook on different areas of your life for future reference.


"After completing the Renaissance Program, my patients tell me that the program has helped them improve their lives. Even break the cycle of domestic violence. One of my patients told me that she had been dealing with the resentment and anger towards her husband. She had also been dealing with acute depression for almost 20 years, due to domestic violence. She told me that after I introduced her to the Renaissance Program, she began to feel like the cycle of domestic violence was truly broken; and she has started to enjoy the love of God in her life".  

Yanina M. Marti, MS.,LSW (Licensed Social Worker)

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